Springtime means baseball is back, and our Grand Slam Weekend is here!

In honor of baseball season, we are celebrating with a Grand Slam Weekend - celebrating the heavy hitters of classic rock with 4 plays every hour from your favorite bands and artists.

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Both Saturday and Sunday, from 6:00 AM until midnight - at the top of every hour you will hear four in a row from Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Guns N' Roses, ZZ Topp, AC/DC, Queen and so many more.

Are you heading out of town or out of the listening area? No worries, just download our station app so you don't miss any of the action on the field (so to speak). You can listen with your smart speaker too - just tell Alexa to play US 1031 and you have us. What a time to be alive. I remember sitting in a car for hours at a time back in the day, or by a radio - not wanting to move so I did not miss my favorite songs.

Look at us now, our options are endless, and we appreciate you spending your weekend with Lapeer's Ultimate Classic Rock Channel. Believe me, the Grand Slam Weekend will not disappoint. I cannot say the same for your favorite baseball team this season.

Think of it as putting a field of dreams like team out there all weekend long. I don't know if members of The Rolling Stones can actually hit a baseball, but I do know the band will be knocking it out of the park this weekend with a 4-play.

Here is to a great weekend. Thank you for being a part of the US 103 family.

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