The Lapeer County Prosecutors Office is investigating a fatal stabbing that began as a playground confrontation between children. Deputies went to a home in the 4600 block of Clifford Roads on Saturday, after reports of a 65 year-old man being stabbed. The problem apparently began when the man's grandchildren got into a confrontation with other children at a local park.

The grandmother initially intervened, but was treated rudely, so the grandfather walked down to the park to speak to the other children. It appears that the father of one of the children had a verbal, and then a physical altercation in which the older man put the younger man on the ground.

The younger man allegedly got a couple of friends or relatives to confront the 65 year old man at his home. It was during this second altercation that one of the younger men was stabbed in the chest with a three-inch pocket knife. He was pronounced dead on arrival at Marlette Regional Hospital. No names have been released, citing an ongoing investigation.


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