When it comes to the tightknit community of Imlay City, as well as the greater Lapeer County area, there are not many people that wouldn't come running at full speed to help a child in need. Well ... Imlay City has a 6yr old girl in desperate need of your help. And, you don't have run ... just ride.

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6yr Old Karina Peterson of Imlay City Needs Your Help

While most children Karina Peterson's age are learning how to use scissors, write their names, and socialize with kids their own age, Karina is learning the harsh realities of cancer.

Karina was diagnosed in July of 2022 with Grade 2 Astrocytoma, a type of cancer that develops in the brain. Astrocytoma's are the most common type of brain tumor in children and can develop at any age. And, as if a cancerous brain tumor isn't bad enough, in Karina's case the location of the tumor makes surgical removal a risk of complete blindness.

Katrina has already lost all sight in one eye and partial sight in the other and has begun the process of learning braille.

The family struggles with weekly drives to Detroit in hopes Karina's second type of chemotherapy will help her better than the first was able to. You don't even have to have children to understand the indescribable pressures of this nightmare.

How Can You Help Karina and Her Family

Thanks to the Freedom Cruisers Riding Club Chapter #65 you can help by simply being a part of the Poker Run for Karina's Eyesight taking place on Saturday, August 19th, 2023.

Karina's Eyesight Poker Run Summary

- Registration at 9:30am starting at Ray C's Harley Davidson Lapeer. Complete with coffee, water, juice, and pastries.

- Poker Run: $10 for Riders and $5 for Passengers.

- 10:45am: Safety Brief and Route, Road Captain, and Road Blocker set.

- 11:00am: KSU (Kick stands up) Run begins

- 4:00pm: Last bike in.

Ride will end at Stevo's Bar & Grill Banquette Facility on S. Ceder St. in Imlay City with a buffet style dinner at 5pm. Tickets at the door include dinner, entry to door prizes, and live music as you rock out to Torch from 5-8pm.

For more information, please call 320-491-9397 or 810-664-9222 and leave a message for Bob.

Otherwise, be as generous as humanly possible and let's raise as much money as we can for this amazing young girl and her family.

If necessary: Rain Date will be Saturday, August 26th, 2023.  

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