It's kind of funny. One of the things keeping the Michigan economy going right now is Marijuana sales. In June, Michigan had nearly 45 million dollars in recreational and medical marijuana sales. That was an increase of nearly 6 million dollars from May. Click here to see the state info. Sales are going up and the prices are going down!

Prices for weed have dropped over the past few months but once the caregiver supply chain ends in October, they expect prices to rise again. As of right now, caregivers have been supplying provisioning centers. Come October, state regulated grow facilities are the only ones who will be allowed to supply the centers.

Severe chronic pain, chronic pain and arthritis are the #1, 2 and 3 reasons for people getting the Medical Marijuana Cards in Michigan. Muscle spasms was #4.

Just last month, sales for recreational weed surpassed the total for Medical Marijuana and they don't expect it to go back.

Some of the names of pot are hilarious. Alaskan Thunder F***. Or ATF.

Wedding Cake isn't the best name but it had a great review.

Some names have a Classic Rock feel to them.

Wikileaf says these are the best and strongest strains you need to try this year. High Times called The Godfather OG the most powerful strain of the year.

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