I can't imagine the lengths parents are going to keeping their kid(s) occupied in quarantine. I am an adult who can make my own decisons, I can do whatever I want, and I'm still having a hard time finding things to do.

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Drawing and coloring are a fun way to pass the time. Give your kid a coloring book,  print a picture from Flint Colors Together, Flint Stays Together to color, or even a pencil and a blank sheet of paper can be your kids canvas. That is all this little guy needed to create his masterpiece above.

My friend Jill posted the picture on her Facebook page, and I lost it as soon as I saw it. It reminded me of a drawing my nephew did of a princess, who oddly enough looked a lot like a penis too. You can see his handy work below.

Hang in their parents, you will get through this. Crayons and booze will help.

MM Photo
MM Photo

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