Would you like some ranch with that?

A video of a server in California has gone viral. Not for mean message on a tab, or for a huge tip - the poor girl took a 22-quart container full of ranch to the face. This girl was absolutely covered with the popular condiment.

I love that she can laugh about it, because working in the service industry is not always fun or funny. When I was 12-years-old I scooped ice cream at an ice cream parlor and malt shop for a summer. There was no ranch involved, but I was covered in chocolate sauce and whipped cream from time to time. There were plenty of crying and whining kids, and plenty of not so nice parents. Waiting one people is hard work.

Do you work in the service industry, if so has anything like this happened to you? Perhaps an exploding mustard or ketchup bottle. Any bartenders ever been drown in tequila? Wait - that actually sounds pretty good.

Is anyone else craving chicken wings and ranch after watching this video?


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