Last Saturday (3/3/12) we lost one of the most influential guitarists of our time.  Known mostly for his blistering work with Montrose, Ronnie had other sides that came out during a long and varied career, including work with Van Morrison and Herbie Hancock to Edgar Winter and Gary Wright.  Eddie Van Halen lists Ronnie as a huge inspiration, and molded that first Van Halen scorcher after Ronnie's own scorcher of a Debut, Montrose, released in 1973.  It continues to inspire hard rockers time and time again, and still remains one of the most requested classic rock albums around.  Well done Ronnie!  And thanks for giving a young, inexperienced Sammy Hagar a chance.  Both of you together smoked!  Let's tip our hats to Montrose today around 5:20pm.  Out of town?  Listen live on-line.

Ronnie at Flint's old IMA Auditorium in 1978:


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