I am very familiar with road rage. Trust me I do get annoyed with other drivers, and I too have been a victim of an a-hole driver giving me grief. Actually, it happened yesterday.

I was pulling out of my neighborhood - of course, I looked both ways and the road was clear. Out of nowhere, a car was behind me and on my ass. This clown was so close to me, I was afraid to break check him because I knew he would hit me. It gets worse, after another minute of riding my ass, he passed me in a no passing zone, over a hill. I could not believe it. This idiot was so lucky no other vehicles were coming.

The topper - he turned just a few feet after this insane pass. I assume it was into his neighborhood. He could have killed himself or someone else, and his hurry was to get home? Trust me, I wanted to follow him to yell at him, but I did not.

I did feel like slapping him, just like the woman does in the video below. Reports indicate the woman and the young men in the video were angered over a road rage incident. I don't recommend getting out of your vehicle to confront a fellow driver. It could end much worse than a slap to the face.

Stay calm, drive on.

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