The Rolling Stones have teamed with the Killers and electronic producer Jacques Lu Cont for a revamped version of "Scarlet," the Stones' recently unearthed collaboration with Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page.

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You can hear the remix below. It's the second time "Scarlet" has been reworked; two weeks ago the War on Drugs released their own upbeat re-imaging of the track.

The original "Scarlet," which appears on the upcoming Goats Head Soup box set, technically doesn't feature the entire Rolling Stones lineup: Only Mick Jagger and Keith Richards appear on the track, alongside Page, Traffic bassist Ric Grech, Joe Cocker drummer Bruce Rowland and frequent Stones collaborator Ian Stewart on piano. The previously unreleased song dates back to a session from October 1974, more than a year after that album's release.

"Keith kicked it off and I began to mold a riff around his guitar part to augment the arrangement," Page explained on Twitter following the song's release. "It began to lock-in pretty soon with the musicians and we all got a successful take that evening."

‘’My recollection is we walked in at the end of a Zeppelin session," Richards said in a statement. "They were just leaving, and we were booked in next and I believe that Jimmy decided to stay. We weren’t actually cutting it as a track, it was basically for a demo, a demonstration, you know, just to get the feel of it, but it came out well, with a line up like that, you know, we better use it.‘’

The deluxe edition of Goats Head Soup, out Sept. 4, includes a remastered version of the record, two other unreleased cuts from that era ("Criss Cross" and "All the Rage"), demos, instrumentals and alternate mixes of seven original cuts. The super deluxe version also includes a 1973 concert from Belgium, a Blu-ray with remixes in high-resolution stereo and surround sound, four tour poster replicas and a 120-page book featuring photos and essays.


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