Alright, who is messing around on Craigslist. Did you do this?!

I'm thinking that there is no way this latest Craigslist ad can be legit. I will say that I enjoyed just abut every moment reading it, but there is just no way. Here's just a sample of what was written in the ad titled, "Saw You at Kroger Drinking Coffee Creamer":

I tailed you like a secret shopper to the dairy aisle where I saw you open and drink deeply of a container of fudge brownie flavored coffee creamer. Where they do that at? You didn't pay for it, instead, returning your cans and purchasing several cans of Michelob. I bought the creamer. Let me know if you want to come over and finish it.

This is cannot be real. For the sake of humanity, it just cannot. I mean, what kind of monster drinks flavored coffee creamer from the container?! To the writer's credit, it was very entertaining to

To the writer's credit, it was very entertaining to read and I do hope that I see more of these very creative listings. Hopefully, whoever is writing these will come out with a book series a la Danielle Steel.  I have already constructed the book cover for you.

Creamer Lover

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