You thought that Santa doesn't take the summer off, didn't you?

It was the true definition of Christmas in July in Portage, Michigan, where Santa Claus was spotted water skiing on West Lake on Saturday morning.

People heard a very oddly-timed "Merry Christmas" being shouted from the lake and when they took a look out of their windows, they saw the big man in the red suit enjoying his Saturday morning behind a boat.

We can't really blame him; West Michigan (actually, ANYWHERE in Michigan) is a great place to spend your summer vacation. And Christmas is only 151 days away, so this is probably the last time we'll see Kris Kringle out of the North Pole and taking in some rest & relaxation.

Let's play devil's advocate for a few seconds here - we were hot IN OUR SWIMSUITS over the weekend. This must've baked Father Christmas into a gingerbread cookie inside that suiti!

Look - it was tough to find good news in Michigan over the weekend, even though we keep our eye out for it non-stop. This video, however, made us smile. Isn't that the definition of "good news"? Something that makes you smile.

We hope that it makes you smile, too. And, in fact, while we're on the topic of Christmas in July, let's talk about the Whaley Children's Center in Flint and how they were able to give the kids there a "family" celebration with the generosity of private donors.


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