Killing Joke have been Tool's guest of honor along their 2019 tour, but they almost had another interesting opener — Sebastian Bach. According to the singer, Adam Jones invited him to open a few weeks of their arena tour in support of Fear Inoculum.

Bach told Forbes that while he was living in Studio City in Los Angeles, the Tool guitarist was his neighbor, and the musicians developed a close friendship. "His kids come over to my house to play. He comes to our birthday parties. He came to my 50th-birthday party, brought Danny [Carey] from Tool, and I'm really good friends with Adam," the former Skid Row frontman explained.

"Believe it or not, I just recently had to turn down the opening slot for Tool," he continued. "Adam wanted Sebastian Bach to open two weeks of shows in arenas. But I was already booked. So that's mind-blowing to me."

Bach went on to attribute Tool's success to people wanting to "hear heavy fucking rock," which he doesn't consider very prevalent any longer. "You also can't deny that what I do for a living is a completely dying art. There's not kids coming up, locking themselves in their room, doing vocal histrionics. I don't even know if that's a word."

The singer pointed out Adele as a contemporary example of vocal talent, since she doesn't modify her singing at all. "She's just singing with her voice. Nobody else is. That's why she's so good," he concluded.

Bach just wrapped up his fall tour, where he'd been performing Skid Row's debut album in its entirety in honor of its 30th anniversary. Tool are still on tour for the next few weeks, which you can grab tickets for here.

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