Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach has spoken out against the accusations that KISS has been lip-syncing on their "End of the Road" tour. He wrote several tweets explaining that he saw the band live, and denied the notion of Paul Stanley using pre-recorded vocal tracks during the performance to make up for his inability to hit certain notes.

Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx recently called out a "certain band out on the road right now" on Twitter for having their vocals on tape. Radio personality Eddie Trunk later quoted the Ultimate Classic Rock article on the matter on Twitter saying, " least Nikki is being honest! Ironic Gene Simmons is quoted for keeping things live.. Super ironic! When is one writer going to ask him about what Kiss is doing now?!"

Bach's involvement in the discussion followed in a series of tweets. "KISS is not lip syncing. There are too busy putting on the greatest rock show you will ever see. Or not," he defends. "KISS has given us more than any other band that you could name. Without question. This new tour is our last chance to salute the Hottest Band in the Land. The ones that did it first and better than anyone else ever has or will."

He also directly went after Nikki Sixx, saying "The Crue were more than 'inspired' by KISS."

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