The Secretary of State has just announced that they have lifted suspensions on over 150,000 Michigan driver licenses.

This is coming right after the Secretary of State lifted 12,000 licenses in October. This gives Michiganders a chance to go renew or pay a reinstatement fee for their Driver's licenses.

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50,000 Michiganders have had suspensions on their driver's licenses lifted.


It comes after ongoing implementation of laws that took effect in October identified additional infractions to cancel.


In all, the Michigan Department of State has canceled infractions on the driving records of more than 350,000 Michiganders.

This is a great move for the Secretary of State. I think this will positively affect the current market. Most people I know just drive around with suspended licenses anyway. Not to mention the crazy amount of no-license plates drivers that plague our Michigan roads every day. So instead of handing down more punishments via suspensions or tickets, they're giving people a chance to get their licenses fixed.

Smart move on their part. The SOS will probably get more money back in reinstatement fees than they would in trying to suspend licenses. Trust me, a suspended license won't stop anybody from driving. It'll just make them drive faster when they get on the road...

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