I complain about cold temperatures all winter long, so when spring and summer roll around, I do not complain about the heat - but I also don't have to work in it. Right now, at 2:15 PM in Flint it is 91 degrees. 90 freaking one -  that is one hell of a temp to be working in.

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I have (soon to be had), a dead tree in my backyard. We did try to save it, but there was no hope. Instead of it crashing through our house, we hired a tree service to remove it. This morning the tree guys arrived to begin the take down (photo above). So far they have been working close to six hours, and are far from done. This tree is no joke, and neither is this heat. I know the workers are too professional to do so, but I wish they would jump in the lake to cool down.

There are countless outside jobs being done right now. Landscapers, lawn services, mail men and women, construction workers - all working while covered in sweat. Same goes for all of the above jobs when it begins to cool down. Unless there is snow on the ground, lawns will be mowed, and mail gets delivered whatever the elements are.

I should also recognize those of you working in a shop or garage without air conditioning. I remember my dad working in a shop when I was a kid. He said if it was 80 outside, it was over 100 degrees in the shop. Damn!

This is the first of many extremely hot days to come this summer, a big shout out to those of you holding it down on your outside, or no air conditioning jobs. You rock, and please drink lots of water.

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