Once Labor Day Weekend is over - so many people jump right into fall. Summer FYI is not over - it officially ends on Wednesday, September 22nd which apparently is known as the first day of fall. I would think fall would begin on September 23rd, but not according to Google.

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Proof that summer is not over is this weekend's weather forecast for Mid-Michigan. As of now (yes I know it could change) Saturday (tomorrow) will be sunny with a high of 84 degrees and 82 on Sunday. That is not sweater weather to me.

I am taking full advantage of the outdoors this weekend. Before we know it we will all be bitching about the snow and frigid temperatures. October is a flash in the pan - Halloween, pumpkin everything drinks - then BOOM, it's a full on Michigan winter.

Oh wait, maybe I need to reconsider this. October does mean Halloween, which means the annual Ironsnake Halloween Bash at The Machine Shop. Yes! Pumpkin Spice lovers please accept my apology. If you drinking and eating everything pumpkin in your sweaters gets us to October 23rd fast - then I am all for it. No time like the present to get to work on my costume.

All kidding aside, don't rush into fall. Enjoy this weekend, after all it is still technically summer. Leave the hoodies and sweatshirts in your dresser drawer, leave the bikini out - enjoy the summer weather while it is indeed still summer.

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