Chances are you're not going out to celebrate 2021. There are one or two events planned but for the most part, with indoor dining shutdown, and just with people being careful, this is the perfect year to find a great movie and cuddle up, or if you have kids, to get everyone in their pajamas, pop some pop corn, and watch and laugh until the little ones conk out.

When I was a kid, my folks didn't go out. They invited their close circle of friends over to the house, and the kids who weren't quite old enough to go out, would watch an old movie on TV. (Yes, this is back in the dinosaur age, when we didn't have apps with on demand movies. But in our case, the TV station every year programmed to us, with funny comedies around midnight.)

Growing up, my favorites were the Marx Brothers. I know, I know, that was almost one hundred years ago. The movies were old when I was young, but while some of the humor is a bit dated, some of it still timely. Peacock Channel has the Marx Brothers. The best one, Duck Soup, isn't on there, but at least two are, Animal Crackers, and Horse Feathers. Again, it may not be for everyone, but they sure did make us laugh back in the day.

If you're looking for a rom-com, you can never go wrong with these two: When Harry Met Sally is great;

(Shout Factory via YouTube)

And Moonstruck won Cher an Oscar. Both movies start with great scripts, and the acting talent hits it out of the park. Moonstruck is a bit of a Cinderella story, while When Harry Met Sally is just a wonderful comedy.

If you're looking for a family movie you can enjoy with the kids, a couple of gems from about twenty years ago that slip under the radar, but I think you'd enjoy, (and they're not the same movies that you're kids have been playing over and over again), then try Monsters Inc., Antz, or Chicken Run.

If the kids are a little older, try Hitch with Will Smith. Even my mom loved that movie.

(Sony Pictures Home Entertainment via YouTube)

If you don't want a comedy, but an action movie, with the passing of Sean Connery, maybe pick one of his James Bond movies.

Here's another one for folks with kids. How about a scary fun comedy. The Ghost and Mr. Chicken is good for that. And here's a sneaky good movie. Daddy Day Care.

No matter what, stay safe, wash your hands, and enjoy.

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