The world is a little more terrifying than usual these days. With Russian forces occupying Ukraine's Crimean peninsula, the internet has already started throwing around references to World War III. Thankfully, 'SNL' is here to take something that has us terrified and make us laugh instead. The show's solution? Bring in Liam Neeson.

The sketch begins with Jay Pharoah's President Barack Obama addressing the nation, explaining the situation and how Russian leader Vladimir Putin won't listen to reason. After a few political jabs at the United States' international policies, the sketch gets the point and brings on the President's special adviser: Liam Neeson himself, who really hates it when things get "taken" and wants to help in any way that he can. Since he's actually an actor and not a trained killer like he plays in the movies, Neeson's "particular set of skills" don't involve marching into Russia and killing everyone, but rather finding a way to make Obama look as tough as Putin. Hilarity ensues.

International conflict and illegal wars are technically no laughing matter, but sometimes the only way to deal with big problems is to laugh. We're glad 'SNL' isn't taking any of this news lying down.

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