Due to power outages caused by high winds, some Genesee County and other Mid-Michigan schools are closing early for the day.

If you've been outside today, you know how crazy the wind has been. Incredibly strong gusts have been making quite the mess out there, with weather forecasts predicting winds as high as 60 mph for some areas of Southeast Michigan. The current forecast has area winds dropping from the 30-40 mph range to around 20 mph beginning at 5p.

However, the conditions have already caused damage and several power outages, and some schools are calling it a day. Here is the current list of closures, which we'll continue to update as needed until 3p:

  • Armstrong Middle School (Kearsley) Closing @ 1:10PM - Power outage
  • Burton Glen Academy Closing @ 12:00PM - Power outage
  • Cornerstone Clio Closing @ 12:00PM - Power outage.
  • Cornerstone Westwood Closing @ 12:00PM - Power outage.
  • Gates Elementary (Davison) Closing @ 1:15PM
  • MCSI Senior ADC Closing Early at 12:00PM - Power outage
  • Merrill Early Dismissal at 12:00PM - Power outage
  • Montabella Closing Early at 11:00AM - Power outage

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