Time to accept the fact that winter weather is back with us and if you do any driving here are some tips for dealing with old man winter and your car.

We've all heard the advice of having a couple of bags of kitty litter in your trunk for spreading by the tires for traction on slippery surfaces.
Here's some ideas that I hadn't heard of. Have a pair of socks in the glove compartment to put over your shoes for better traction when it comes to pushing your car on a icey surface.  Speaking of socks, you can put them over your wiper blades to stop ice build up.
You can use good old WD-40 as a deicer. Spray it in the keyhole, cracks of your doors, and on the rubber before the cold weather hits. It will prevent icing in the keyhole. It will also prevent frozen water from resting in the cracks of your doors.
Get a bottle of vinegar to stop ice from forming on your windshield. To make the de-icer combine three parts vinegar with one part water and spray the mixture onto your windshield before the weather gets nasty.
Here's one more for you. Simply put a rug or tarp over your windshield before it snows. Just pull it off when you're ready to hit the road.

Source: homehacks.com

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