The summer of 2014 will give Soundgarden a chance to reflect on the past as well as consider the future. The band is hitting the road with Nine Inch Nails while celebrating the 20th anniversary of their 'Superunknown' album, and while they did play the disc in full at South by Southwest earlier this year and have plans to do the same at a one-off New York City show in June, it's not out of the question that some fans this summer may get a similar experience.

Frontman Chris Cornell told Rolling Stone, "We're still considering it. There are a couple more shows where we will play the whole thing. Really, we could choose to do that any one of these Nine Inch Nails dates at any time -- or the whole thing. You never know."

Speaking of that South by Southwest performance earlier this year, Cornell recalls, "It brought me back in time to that specific moment of making the record. As a band that's been around for a while -- since '84 -- by the time we made 'Superunknown,' we had a long history, a huge repertoire and a lot of different musical styles going on. So even though we wrote this album that was epic in length, we played maybe half of it live. It was interesting to concentrate on those songs. I felt like we made a bigger leap from 'Badmotorfinger' to 'Superunknown' than I was aware of before."

And while fans may get a dose of nostalgia with 'Superunknown' providing a pull for audiences this summer, behind the scenes there's new music in the works. Cornell reveals that he's just begun coming up with ideas for new songs.

"Literally, in the last couple days, I started coming up with ideas for songs for a new album," says Cornell "I can't describe the direction it's taking, though. There's no album we've ever made where I would have been able to describe a direction it was taking while making it. Like 'Superunknown,' I understood what it was near the end. 'King Animal' was that way, too. I really didn't understand the personality of the record until it was almost finished. Then I thought, 'Oh, it's this. Awesome.'"

Stay tuned for more from Soundgarden this summer.