As you may have heard, both Michigan State and Michigan have made plans to have students back on campus this fall. According to, Michigan announced today (Monday) that students will be on campus for in-person classes when its fall semester begins on Aug. 31st. Michigan State will be back in class on September 2nd. And both schools have welcomed back their student athletes as they get ready for football season. But just HOW will that unfold? Will college football (or at least in some stadiums) be played without fans? That decision is a few weeks away - at least. According to, some schools down south say their stadiums will be full of fans. Dr. Fauci seems to think you won't be able to play any football.

I think the truth lies somewhere in-between. I think there might be some fans in the stands. But what do you do with the rest of the seats?

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According to The Hustle, soccer stadiums and some baseball stadiums around the world are now full of cardboard fans. And it may happen in America at football (and baseball and basketball) games. The trend started in Germany, in March, when a filmmaker, who was a big soccer fan, couldn't go his team's games. So his wife suggested he send his photo and send it to the stadium. He found a printer who would attach fan photos to cardboard cut-outs and invited fans (with the team's permission) to join him, with proceeds going to charity. He anticipated 500-2000 fans purchasing one. 21 THOUSAND jumped at the chance. And now it's a worldwide thing. The fun part, of course, is trying to spot yourself on TV during the games. That might be tough in a Spartan or Michigan Stadium with 75 to 107 thousand seats, but it might just happen. And companies are already talking to U.S. teams about doing this.

What do YOU think?

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