After a judge has ordered home delivery of water to Flint residents earlier in November, the State of Michigan, along with the City of Flint, is claiming residents don't need it.

According to Mlive, part of the State's claim to delay the water delivery, suggests that some Flint residents are not in dire need. Here's the language:

In light of ... ongoing relief efforts, the vast majority of Flint residents have ready access to bottled and filtered water at this time ... not staying the injunction likely will harm the public -- primarily by slowing the recovery of Flint's water system.

The decision of city wide delivery of water could be settled any day now, but filings from the State and ACLU are being heard and taken into consideration. Meanwhile, City Officials are still warning residents that the water in Flint is not safe for drinking unless filtered properly.

UPDATE -- We have learned though Mlive reporting, that the City of Flint has also joined the fight against door-to-door delivery of water to residents. No word yet on the exact reason why now the City of Flint is now aligning it's self with the State of Michigan.

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