The high school football season (along with most everything else) was turned upside down, and in some instances - canceled all together. That is not to say they we did not see some great plays, by many talented players on the football field.

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To shine a light on high school football, and its players - Subway has teamed up with NFL veterans Marshawn Lynch and Keenan Allen to host the Pro Teen Awards. This is a national contest to not only will recognize some awesome young men and young women, but to also giveaway twenty $1500 dollars scholarships.

Are you a high school football player, or do you have someone in mind to nominate? The contest starts tomorrow, Friday, January 15th and runs through February 6th. You have until then to submit a video of yourself (or a player you know), showcasing crazy catches, pro-moves, hardest tackles and longest throws, or kicks online.

According to QSR Web, the 20 winners will be determined by Marshawn Lynch and Keenan Allen, as well as the following scoring system,

  • 30% of score based on the number of votes on their video.
  • 10% on how well the entry meets the contest theme.
  • 60% based on judges' scoring (Lynch & Allen) of video entries based on skill/creativity captured in the video.

This is the time to hit up your coach, and ask to see some past footage. As a matter of fact, this is a great opportunity for coaches to showoff some of their teams talent too. Just remember, a player cannot win if they are not nominated. So what are you waiting for? Now is the time to reach out to every high school football player you know.

Click here for entry page, and more information. If you do submit someone, let me know. I will be sure to share it.

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