Travis Neville is no longer the JV football coach at Grand Blanc after disparaging comments he made about a student on a podcast Neville hosts.

Neville had been the JV Football coach at Grand Blanc until this week after the content of a podcast he produced was pointed out to school officials. In the podcast titled, "Entitlement" Neville went after an 8th grader for choosing to transfer to another school. He has pulled the podcast down, but the mom of the 8th grader in question posted the videos online, and you can watch them below.

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During the podcast as shown in the videos above, Neville had some pretty harsh things to say about the 8th grader. Neville questioned the motivation behind the transfer, and questioned the character of the student by saying the following.

Honestly good riddance to that mother f***er. Everything I saw about him is he's a lazy full of sh*t... like not the kind of guy we want

Yes, this a grown man that was in charge of teaching kids, talking about an 8th grade kid. (insert face palm here).

I just want to say something here about the fact that Neville even has a podcast. I know so many teachers that have chosen to avoid even having a Facebook account because of the risk it holds. I can't even begin to imagine why this coach thought it was a good idea to host his own podcast. I would understand if it was some kind of sports training or useful content, but that was obviously not the case.

Neville did talk to Mid Michigan Now about the comments he made, and his eventual firing. Neville offered up some regret, towards his actions and losing his job.

I would say that I regret that part. I kinda talked sh*t about a kid and I regret that part. Ultimately, I am trying to help people and I'm disappointed that in trying to do that, in trying to help people, I ironically kinda took away one of my best platforms to be able to do it and that's coaching

Grand Blanc Schools issued a statement on the incident reinforcing that this is unacceptable behavior and that Neville had been dismissed immediately.

You can see the episode of Neville's podcast prior to the "Entitlement" episode below.

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