If you’re rich and your girlfriend happens to be a stripper, it stands to reason that you impressed her by throwing your money around. Moderation is important in all aspects of life, though, especially when it comes to letting stripper girlfriends get behind expensive cars they can’t handle.

A Reddit user, who posted the picture that resulted from the travesty, shares a heartwarming tale of sugardaddying gone wrong. He explains:

This was literally the context that I got. During last week at one of the dealer’s in my zone, a wealthy guy was buying a GT500 for a stripper that he has living with him. She took delivery of the car on a Friday afternoon, tore ass out of the dealership lot, and this was sitting outside the parts door on Saturday morning, parked half way in the street.

We’ve got nothing against strippers — especially strippers good enough to be your girlfriend — mind you. Just be careful who you lend your expensive cars out to, right? Unless it’s us. We’re totally good for it.

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