A special graduation ceremony was held last night (9/10) at the Swartz Creek Performing Arts Center. Aaliyah Lee, a sophomore at Swartz Creek High School, is battling an aggressive form of cancer and was awarded an honorary diploma.

While in the midst of her battle, Aaliyah expressed her wish to graduate from high school. Doctors, however, informed Lee and her parents that her cancer had spread and that her prognosis was not looking good. Her family then looked into accelerated classes as a possible way for Aaliyah to earn her GED.

Armed with the knowledge that time was of the essence, the administrators of Swartz Creek Community schools decided that they would present Aaliyah with an honorary diploma from Swartz Creek High School.

A reception for family and close friends was held after last night's graduation ceremony at the PAC.

GoFundMe page has been established by Swartz Creek High School Assistant Principal Jodie Morgan. She says that one of Aaliyah's greatest concerns is that her medical costs and funerals expenses would pose a financial burden on her family.

Photo courtesy of Texture Photography in Grand Blanc.

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