Preview New Aerosmith Album Now
Attention all you Aerosmith fans. You can hear new music from the soon to be released album Music From Another Dimension! at Rolling Stone Magazine's website they're premiering one track at a time.
Aerosmith, ‘Love XXX’ – Song Review
Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton says 'Love XXX,' the first song on the band's upcoming 'Music From Another Dimension' album is one he hopes "grabs people by the balls." Musically it keeps a promise to return to the 'Toys in the Attic' sound. Lyrica…
New Aerosmith Song ‘Street Jesus’ Leaks
Aerosmtih bassist Tom Hamilton says 'Street Jesus,' a new song from the band's upcoming 'Music From Another Dimension' album, has "'Toys in the Attic' kind of energy." Fans can decide for themselves in a new clip that leaked on YouTube recently.
Steven Tyler Calls Kiss ‘A Comic Book Rock Band’
Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and Joe Perry didn't mince words when asked about Kiss in a recent radio interview. Tyler admitted he never cared for his counterpart's music after calling them "a comic book rock band." With Gene Simmons and company also doing media rounds t…
Rarely Heard Aerosmith – Today’s Vinyl Vault
Aerosmith fans will love hearing the haunting Seasons of Wither on today's Vinyl Vault.  It's been a fan fave since it's release in 1974 and is actually one of  Steven Tyler's favorite Aersomith songs.  The band put it back into their live shows recently, having ax…

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