‘Lightning” Punch Their Ticket Into The Playoffs!
The Lapeer Lighting football team punched their own ticket into the Michigan High School Athletic Association playoffs with their big win last Friday over Saginaw Arthur Hill, 69-0. Now, the unbeaten 'Lightning' team is assured of a spot after capturing their sixth straight win!
It Can Happen In A Flash!
Mother Nature can be very difficult at times.
Take for example a couple, just minding their own business, driving through Canada. When Mother Nature decides to strike with a bolt of lightning!
No one was injured, but it sure was a scare when the truck was set on fire...
Watch Lightning Strike a Plane [VIDEO]
Last weekend, an Emirates Airbus 380 was struck by a jagged bolt of lightning as it began its descent into London's Heathrow Airport. Luckily, none of the passengers aboard were harmed, and the plane made it safely to the ground.
Believe it or not, airplanes generally sustain a couple of lightning st…