Wal-Mart Plans to Hire 100,000 Veterans
The national unemployment rate spiked following the 2008 financial crash, and it has remained stubbornly high ever since. Unfortunately, it has been even worse for returning American servicemembers. Today, though, Wal-Mart announced a plan to hire 100,000 veterans over the next five years.
Secret Santa Picks Up Family’s Walmart Bill
On the Friday before Christmas, Ruby Modlin was grocery shopping at Walmart with her family.
The Altoona, Iowa woman noticed that a man was following her around the store. Being a glass-half-filled type of gal Modlin figured it must be somebody who recognized her -- maybe from high school.
Five Over The Top Moments At Walmart [Video]
I shop at Walmart occasionally, and the things that I see happen there continue to surprise me. To say that Walmart shoppers are colorful would be an understatement! Enjoy this compilation of the five wackiest moments in Walmart far!
Bob Seger Rocks For Walmart.
Bob Seger will  perform with the Silver Bullet Band at Walmart's June 1st shareholders meeting in Fayetteville, Arkansas. In addition, Darius Rucker and Lady Antebellum will open up the event with a show on May 31st. And  the free shows will be open to the public with priority goi…