Detroit Red Wings legend Ted Lindsay died Monday in hospice care at the age of 93. Ted Lindsay lovingly know as "Terrible Ted" was one of the greatest hockey players in National Hockey League history.  Gordie Howe said Ted played the game "like a holy terror" and off the ice he was a great humanitarian. Playing hockey for the Detroit Red Wings for 14 seasons during that time the team won four Stanley Cups in 1950, 1952, 1954 and 1955 . Ted during his time with the Red Wings scored more then 300 goals then add to that he came up with over 400 assists. He was a first team All -Star team member eight times. Ted wrapped up his NHL career playing 3 years with Chicago Black Hawks.

When Ted took off the skates he became "Terrific Ted" a super star humanitarian. He started the Ted Lindsay Foundation in 2001, funding research to find a cure for autism and providing training, educational programs and to support social services. In 2018, the foundation donated $1 million to Oakland University’s Center for Autism Outreach Service — a program for teenagers and young adults with autism. Along the way Ted donated $3.4 million toward autism related causes.


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