We don't know if he'll make any progress with the NFL, but a teenage boy is doing his part to move the Super Bowl from Sunday to Saturday.

Frankie Ruggeri's petition has already gotten tens of thousands of signatures on this petition he started at Change.org. The 16-year-old boy got the idea when he was talking to his parents about football and how much of a struggle the day following the big game can be.

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The day after the Super Bowl is one of the biggest days for people calling in sick and is said to cost employers roughly $3 billion in lost productivity.

Frankie, who is a junior in high school, believes that moving the game would allow more young people to enjoy the game because they wouldn't have to go to be as early. He says that it may enable more people to travel to the city where the game is being he because it would give them Sunday to return home.

"I'd like for the Super Bowl to be on Saturdays because schools are not open the next day, no school the next morning, no work," the teen tells WSYR-TV. "Might as well make it Saturday."

According to the NFL, they get higher ratings on Sunday evenings. They're also complying with a law that was passed in 1961 that says NFL games can't be broadcast on Fridays and Saturdays so as not to interfere with high school and college football games.

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