I have been very unimpressed with the endless stream of movie and TV show reboots as of late.  It seems like this year there will be more remakes than original ideas on the big screen.  I am afraid to see what is going to happen with "The Naked Gun" reboot. And based on the major storyline changes, you won't find me in the theater for the new "Annie" remake.

However, there are a few upcoming flicks that I am actually looking forward to.  The sneak peek of the upcoming "Peanuts" movie has given me hope for the new versions of Charlie Brown and his faithful dog, Snoopy.  And this morning, I got a look at the trailer for the upcoming "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" movie that is set to hit theaters this August.

The "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" came out of their shells in 1987 as an animated series to help sell action figures.  They were so successful that the first live-action movie was a huge box office hit in 1990.  Two more movies were released in the 1990s, and animated versions have been coming and going ever since.

Although the turtles will be completely computer generated, the actors who provide their voices were actually on set during filming with special suits which makes these CG characters look much more authentic.  Not to mention that April O'Neil will be played by the incredibly hot Megan Fox!

The new movie is supposed to be a sequel to the 90s movies, so it's not really a remake or a reboot.  It's a continuation of a franchise that continues to bring in more and more young kids... and old kids too.  Cowabunga, dude!!

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