It came as a surprise to many media sources that Apple Corps has released most of The Beatles albums for free - on YouTube. It's not known if this a permanent move or not. According The Daily Beatle, it's all the original British albums, from "Please Please Me" from 1963 to "Let It Be" from 1970, all presented in their remastered stereo editions. In addition to this, the following albums are also available:, "1962-1966" (The Red Album), "1967-1970" (The Blue Album), Anthologies 1-3 plus "Anthology Highlights", "1", "Love", and both volumes of "Past Masters".

What you'll see at the YouTube site are music videos on the screen during the song, or there will be a still photograph of the album cover.  In some of presentations you'll see a combination. Like with the "Anthology Highlights" it starts with the "Free As A Bird" video, then continues the other tracks with just a still photo.
Take a look at The Beatles YouTube channel here.

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