Did you see Bob Dylan recently sold his music catalog for like 400 million bucks?

Fleetwood Mac made around 200 million. Neil Young sold half of his music for 150 million bucks. I guess the pandemic has been hard on us all, huh? Click here to read about people selling out, man.

It gets me thinking some of this music will be showing up in commercials. A good song combined with a good product can leave a lasting brand on someone's brain. Sometimes they nail it and sometimes they fail mightily.

One where I thought they had a good idea but it just fell apart was the Southwest Airlines/Jouney spot a few years ago... Anyway You Want It really half assed.

Southwest Airlines - Any Way You Want It from SHINDIG Music & Sound on Vimeo.

The ones who nailed it include Cadillac and Led Zeppelin. Cadillac sales went up 16 percent after the Led Zeppelin ad campaign. Click read and be merry. Below is the long version.

One of the ones burned into my brain was the Beatles and Nike teaming up back in 1987. It was a Revolution and quite controversial. Thanks Yoko! Read more here.

Ratt and Geico had one of my favorite spots from last year. Maybe the best usage of a song in a commercial yet. You get to see Ratt!!! Or what's left of them.

The National Car Rental spot with Loverboy was awesome because it featured Loverboy AND Puddy from Seinfeld, Patrick Warburton. LOVE THAT GUY!


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