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The only game I enjoy playing is Euchre. I think that is about to change. Say hello to 'Shot Glass Roulette', and you better believe I just ordered one for myself.

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If you now how to play roulette then this game is self explanatory. If not, I can break it down for you real quick - you are going to get drunk. What could be more fun than gambling and taking shots? This game does not come with money of course, but I will certainly be making things interesting when I play - I will be taking shots, and taking bets.

I am sure it goes without saying that 'Shot Glass Roulette' does not come with alcohol either. But it does come with the following,

  • 16 numbered shot glasses
  • Two metal balls
  • A spinning roulette wheel
  • Shot glass holders

All of that, for the low price of $16.75 - can you believe it? For under $20 dollars you are guaranteed hours of fun, and did I mention you will get drunk? Your house is about to be mini Vegas my friend.

Let me tell you we have come a long way since quarter bounce. Shot Glass Roulette is fancy AF. What will you be filling your numbered glasses with? I think we are all pretty clear as to what I will be pouring in mine.

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