Did you know there is an official song for the state of Michigan? Me either.

Apparently our states theme song is called 'My Michigan' and it has been our song since 1937. Sounds to me like it is time for an update. I know it will most likely never happen - I am just curious as to what song YOU would pick as Michigan's anthem?

First and foremost I think it should be a song from a Michigan artist. Bob Seger comes first to my mind, but there are countless Michigan acts to choose from. There is Grand Funk Railroad, Ted Nugent, MC5, Ready For The World, Kid Rock, Eminem, Pop Evil, Greta Van Fleet, Aretha Franklin and so many more.

Picking an artist is tough enough, let alone a particular song from said artist that truly represents our beautiful state. Who am I kidding? Finding a song that everyone will agree on is impossible. Maybe I should focus my attention on having our state drink officially become tequila? Who is with me?


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