A classic concert by the Who previously available only on bootleg will soon get an official release. ‘The Who Live in Texas ’75,’ a document of their Nov. 20, 1975 concert at the Summit in Houston, will be out on DVD and digital video on Oct. 9 — which, coincidentally, would have been bassist John Entwistle’s 68th birthday.

At the time, the Who were touring behind their Top Ten album, ‘The Who by Numbers,’ which featured the hit single ‘Squeeze Box.’ Two other songs from the album, ‘However Much I Booze’ and ‘Dreaming from the Waist,’ are performed. The band also tears through an assortment of Who classics, such as ‘Substitute,’ ‘Baba O’Reily,’ ‘Join Together,’ and ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again.’ As with most Who shows of the ’70s, a collection of songs from ‘Tommy’ takes up the show’s mid-section.

The tour, which extended into 1976, would be the last featuring their original lineup. Drummer Keith Moon died in 1978 of a pill overdose shortly after the release of ‘Who Are You.’

The audio was remastered by longtime Who associate Jon Astley, who had a minor hit in 1987 as a singer-songwriter with ‘Jane’s Getting Serious.’ Astley is also Pete Townshend‘s ex-brother-in-law. (See? Now you’re all set for your next Who-themed trivia night!)

‘The Who Live in Texas ’75′ Track Listing

1. ‘Substitute’
2. ‘I Can’t Explain’
3. ‘Squeeze Box’
4. ‘Baba O’Riley’
5. ‘Boris The Spider’
6. ‘Drowned’
7. ‘However Much I Booze’
8. ‘Dreaming From The Waist’
9. ‘Behind Blue Eyes’
10. ‘Amazing Journey’
11. ‘Sparks’
12. ‘Acid Queen’
13. ‘Fiddle About’
14. ‘Pinball Wizard’
15. ‘I’m Free’
16. ‘Tommy’s Holiday Camp’
17. ‘We’re Not Going To Take It’ / ‘See Me, Feel Me’ / ‘Listening To You’
18. ‘Summertime Blues’
19. ‘My Generation’
20. ‘Join Together’
21. ‘Naked Eye’
22. ‘Roadrunner’
23. ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’
24. ‘Magic Bus’
25. ‘My Generation Blues’

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