Thieves that were caught in the acting stealing only received a ticket and were not arrested.

Now for a story that will probably upset you and possibly even make you worry. Just recently, a group of thieves was caught in the act in Grand Bland Township trying to steal portions of a vinyl fence from a local business. After being caught, the thieves were only issued tickets instead of being arrested.

The theft took place at Highway 54 Bar and Grille on Dort Hwy. Unfortunately for the business owner, the Grand Blanc Township officers were unable to take the suspects to the Genesee County Jail because of COVID-19 restrictions on certain offenses. Now the owner and others worry that if they're not taken to jail, these types of crimes will continue.

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Sgt. Scott Theede has been dealing with people that are committing more crimes because they know they will not end up in jail.

There are some people recently that we have been dealing with almost on a weekly basis that we are not able to lodge or take to jail...They know under current situations the most they're going to get is a ticket...said Sgt. Theede.

Even though violent offenders are still being arrested, non-violent offenders are not. This is a scary time if you ask me. For people to know that they can, for the most part, get away with certain crimes is not a good precedent nor does it make the community feel safe. I completely understand the frustrations of the business owner. Those vinyl fence pieces are not cheap.

This is a very unsettling time to be sure to keep an eye on your loved ones and neighbors and be safe.

Source: Mid-Michigan Now

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