I love accounts like this that remind us Michiganders how gorgeous our state actually is.

This week, for Tiktok Tuesday, I want to highlight the account @mi_playground. Run by two brothers based in Michigan, they use their platform to explore hidden gems and well-known locations throughout the state.

For example, here's a delicious-looking dessert from a place that I may, otherwise, not have known about or even noticed if I were to drive by:

They bring attention to well-known locals, too. Like a man named Pat Rickley who, I'm guessing, worked the toll booth on the Mackinac Bridge for years to be known by name to passing motorists:

And, they share the ins and outs of how they enjoy popular activities in Michigan like snowboarding in the winter and paddleboarding in the summer:

It's difficult to nail down where the brothers, Nick and Andy Behling, are originally from in Michigan. But, Nick formerly worked for MLive in Grand Rapids so, maybe the west Michigan area...? What is clear is that both of them are creative adventure seekers who love the state of Michigan.

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Naturally, they've also created a line of merch for their mi_playground brand that includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and stickers that you can find here. On that same website, you'll find their list of Bucket Lists for towns in Northern Michigan and the UP which is incredibly helpful for someone like me.

I've been in Michigan for nearly 3 years and still haven't managed to make it to the UP. A bucket list with at least a few things to do makes a new trip like that more manageable.

Mi_playground isn't the only account on Tiktok dedicated to exploring popular tourist destinations or hidden gems. But, in my opinion, the more the merrier. It's a good reminder for those of us caught in the monotony of life that there is adventure and breathtaking nature right here in our state, usually, a short drive away.

You can follow mi_playground on Tiktok here to see more of their videos and even learn something new about the mitten state.

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