Her adorable yet potty mouth delivery is no doubt why this small town grandma has a TikTok following.

She goes by @gramalmao on Tiktok.  She currently has over 2 million video views, 28.1 thousand followers and 261 thousand total video likes.  Part of her success is no doubt due to her grandson, Brenden (aka @brendenlmao.)  He is behind the biggest TikTok account in Southwest Michigan with over 5.2 million followers.  She co-stars in many of his prank videos.  In fact, I think the Brenden videos with his grandma are among the best he does.

Let's start out with a couple of her most viewed and most recent videos.  The @gramalmao has a running theme called "what is this?"  In part one of this video, she's asking if anyone know what kind of car this is.  This video has been viewed 840 thousand times.  Warning...bad language.

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Part 2 of that video really blew up as she attempts to start the old heap.  This video has been viewed over 1.3 million times.


With nearly half a million views, @gramalmao asks "what is this?"

If you find her old items in her "what is this" theme interesting.  You can own them.  She has a link to her collection for sale.  You can see all of those products by clicking here.

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