The hottest contest in town is the Bridge Street Exchange 'Best Mud Flap in the Mitten' contest. It was a tough job, but out of 130 plus entries, the top 10 mullet finalists have been chosen. Now it is up to you to determine the winner.

You can vote once daily for your favorite. These guys have some seriously cool mullets. From the 'Silver Streak', to the 'Dad Mullet', and everything in between. You can learn more about each contestant, and cast your vote here. The top mullet will score $500 cash courtesy of Bridge Street Exchange owner, Kevin Begola.

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The mullet truly is a thing of beauty. I remember my first crush had a mullet. I thought this particular guy was the coolest person ever. I am not going to lie, many years later I would laugh at people with mullets. I guess the joke is on me, turns out mullets still are cool AF.

I don't know for sure how many of the contestants have been rocking their mullets for years, or cut it just for the contest - either way they are all awesome. With the awesome reaction to this contest, I am guessing this could be an annual event. That being said, you may want to consider growing out your hair for a year. Totally worth it for $500 bucks.

You know what's funny? I just realized my boyfriend has been rocking a mullet for quite a while now. I am a ding dong. I guess my taste in guys has not changed much after all.

Best of luck to all of the contestants. Check out their pics below, and go vote!

Top 10 Best Mullet Contestants

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