Happy Halloween everyone. It's been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So with that said, thought it would be a good time to guide you through some of the most delicious Halloween themed breakfast cereals on the market. So without further ado...I give you...

The Top 5 Halloween Themed Breakfast Cereals.

5) Boo-Berry

This monster cereal advertised as a sweet Blueberry flavored cereal loaded with marshmallow surprises is often thought to be discontinued. The breakfast cereal is still found in grocery stores, though sporadic in its distribution, this could be the cause for the perception that its out of stock.

Fun Fact: Turns your milk blue.

4) Cap'n Crunch "Halloween Crunch"

The Cap'n puts a toe in the Halloween water (again, see what I did there?) this time with sweet and crunchy ghost shaped cereal that like all Cap'n Crunch cereals, will surely rip the the roof of your mouth off. And if that weren't enough to scare the crap out of you - how about the green milk residue it leaves behind...yum!!!

Fun Fact: The Cap'n hates being in charge of a...wait for it....Ghost Ship <groan>

3) Franken-Berry

Another Monster cereal from General Mills that much like Boo-Berry, is thought to be out of stock and discontinued. Franken-Berry has been around nearly 50 years with its spooky Strawberry flavored dyed corn cereal and marshmallows originally turned your poop pink in color until General Mills switched red dyes in the late 70's, How is that for scary?

Fun Fact: Turns your milk pink but not your poop.

2) Reese's Peanut Butter Puffs Bats Cereal

It's only around for a short time so empty the store shelves when you find it because like a bat, it will fly off the shelves (see what I did there?) It is described as a sweet and crunchy corn puff cereal, flavored with peanut butter and cocoa shaped like bats. You had me at sweet and crunchy.

Fun Fact:  Bats aren't really the color of peanut butter and cocoa.

1) Count Chocula

The Count is king. He's been around since 1971 making the regular white milk in your bowl turn to chocolate milk at no extra charge. Chocolate cereal marketed to kids is a no-brainer but still, lets give the Count credit for being the first! So cool too that chemical run off works like magic and no way ever harm us....right?

Fun Fact: The voice and look you hear and see on the TV commercials pays homage Bela Lugosi's portrayal of Count Dracula from way back in 1931.

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