You may not know this, but cars are best suited to stay on the ground. But when they take to the sky, it sure is something to see.

A police chase in Webster Parish, La. ended Tuesday after a man in a pickup truck trying to elude cops wound up going airborne, like he was Bo and Luke Duke evading Rosco Coltrane.

The video made its way to Facebook where it hardly landed with the kind of thud the truck did. To date, it's been viewed 14 million times.

Kevonte Dekorey Austin, 18, an escaped work-release participant, was taken back to the slammer.

During the chase, he revved up his truck to 115 miles per hour. Unfortunately for him, he ran over some spikes that caused the vehicle to go flying like the DeLorean in Back to the Future Part II. It landed on a Toyota Corolla. A woman was in that car at the time, but managed to avoid injury.

Austin was doing time for stealing a car and violating his probation. The truck he drove for this chase was also stolen. He had been a passenger in it, but sped off in it after the driver stepped outside to talk to police.

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