Tom and Joe made a handshake deal years ago, promising to split any lottery winnings they might receive, regardless of who purchased the ticket. They had no idea that decades later, they'd be cashing in for $22 million.

Tom Cook and Joe Feeney made the agreement so long ago that they couldn't pinpoint exactly when. They guessed that it was probably 20 years ago, but the Wisconsin Lottery estimates that it may have been as early as 1992 when the state began participating in the PowerBall game.

"We said whenever the big winner comes, we're gonna split it," Feeney said. "So we buy every week not really thinking it would happen."

The pair didn't hesitate to honor the decades-old agreement.

"A handshake is a handshake, man," Cook added.

The Wisconsin Lottery confirmed that Cook and Feeney are splitting the winnings.

Feeney, Cook, and their wives appear in the video below from the Wisconsin Lottery. The couples have opted for a one-time payout of $16.7 million. After taxes, each will take home about $5.7 million.

Cook has quit his job and says he can't think of a better way to enjoy his retirement. He says he plans to spend more time with his grandchildren and great-grandchildren without having to worry about money.

At least one of the men plans to keep playing the lottery after the big win.

"I've bought two tickets since," Cook said with a laugh. "What can I lose?"


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