There are many things you are not supposed to eff with. Your friend's girlfriend or boyfriend - definitely off limits. A down power line - get the hell away. Fire - it's fire enough said. Someone should have told the dopes in this video that.

The video is titled 'Bonfires and Beverages Don't Mix'. I don't believe that to be true - except for at this particular party. The video description on YouTube is as follows:

"We consumed copious amounts of alcohol, lit a fire and thought it would be a good idea to throw a container of nitro fuel into the fire. As you can see in the video, it explodes halfway in the video, hence why the flames got larger. Then two of my mates decided to jump through the flames, not knowing the other was going to jump, collided mid-air and landed on the video. The end result was third-degree burns to legs and throat."


WTF? Those are some serious injuries. Check out the video below and do not attempt this at home.



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