The United States Postal Service just got a little more expensive and a little bit slower.  With USPS losing over $9 billion dollars in 2020 I can imagine that the company is in need of some serious reorganizing.

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If you look directly on their website they have a complete breakdown of their new mailing and shipping rates.

The proposed prices, approved by the Postal Service Governors, would raise Shipping Services product prices approximately 3.5 percent for Priority Mail service, and 1.2 percent for Priority Mail Express service. Shipping Services price increases vary by product. Although Mailing Services price increases are based on the consumer price index, Shipping Services prices are primarily adjusted according to market conditions. The Governors believe these new rates will keep the Postal Service competitive while providing the agency with needed revenue.

This is what happens when Amazon gets too big and abuse overnight shipping. I could be completely wrong, but I doubt it. Amazon has put everyone on notice as of late and has now taken the time to build an internal delivery service to pick up the slack that USPS and other companies were picking up. But with that stepping back from Amazon you're looking at a temporary hit in revenue, and to compensate they need to raise rates.

Most people won't notice the subtle change, and if it helps to keep USPS around I don't mind paying a little extra to ship out packages.


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