As of now, the high on Wednesday, December 23rd, is 50 degrees. Additional proof that we have wrecked the planet. I don't really know what is normal in terms of temperatures for this time of year, but I do know it is not looking like a white Christmas.

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That's right, I said it. Unless there is some Christmas miracle, it looks like Christmas Day will be cloudy and cold. Does that ruin your whole Christmas vibe? I certainly hope not. I know plenty of you want (or think you need) snow on the ground to put you in the holiday spirit. You don't. How many people actually do something outside on Christmas day? I don't know anyone that does. Most folks are indoors all day long, unless you are traveling  - which due to the pandemic, not many people are this year. If you do have to drive somewhere on Christmas Day, wouldn't you rather be traveling on dry, clear roads?

Sure you might look outside your windows from time to time on Christmas, but no one is just sitting at home for hours, looking at snow, are they? Even if you are not having family over, there is plenty for you to do. Isn't the idea of binge watching a show on Netflix more fun than looking at snow? My answer to that is yes, one hundred percent.

All kidding aside, with or without snow on the ground, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas. Cheers!

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