Classic Christmas movies are a tradition in many families, including mine, each year and the Capitol Theatre is set to show some of those movies this December.

There are countless classic Christmas movies to pick from each year. Some of my favorites are 'Christmas Vacation,' 'A Christmas Story,' and 'Gremlins,' (yes, it's a Christmas movie, fight me.) Christmas time is the best time of the year to catch up on movies and rewatch some of your favorites. You might even be able to catch your favorites at the Capitol Theatre this year.

For just $5, Genesee County residents will be able to head out to the Capitol Theatre to see some of the classics. On December 13th, they will be airing Tim Allen's 'The Santa Clause' and on December 18th the Bing Crosby classic 'White Christmas' will hit the big screen. Finally, on December 20th, one of the biggest Christmas movies of all time will be shown, that's right, 'A Christmas Story.'

To get ticket information and prices, click here. 

Source: MLive

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