Calling all craft beer lovers, a new "Vermont-style" IPA is making its way to the mitten.

You're probably wondering why an IPA made in Vermont is coming to Michigan and that's because it's founder is a Michigan native.

The creator of 'Vermont-style" IPA

Jason Powell, 47, grew up in Kalamazoo and attended Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids before heading to Vermont to start a career in design in 2000.

Brewing beer has always been a hobby for Powell and when he moved to Vermont, he met Mike Scarlata, who shared the same passion and became his business partner.

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Powell and Scarlata started brewing in a shed in the woods with homemade equipment and in 2016, opened Ten Bends Beer.

The brewery currently distributes it's products to 15 states and Powell told MLive that he's excited to have it make it's way to Michigan.

The Michigan market has always been one that we aspired to enter due to my roots in the state, and the amazing craft beer audience it cultivates. We think Michigan craft beer lovers will be very excited about what we have to offer them.

If you'd like to read more on what exactly a "Vermont-style" beer is, you can read more on MLive's website.

Ten Bends Beers coming to Michigan

Four of the breweries beers will be available to purchase in the state. If you are interested in trying Ten Bends Beer and your store does not sell them, all you have to do is ask for it to be stocked through Imperial Beverage.

Find more information on Ten Bends Beer here.

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